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2019 NMRPA Conference Registration Instructions

      • First check out the conference schedule and decide if you will attend the whole conference, complete one of our certification/educational tracks, or only come for a single day. Also consider which additional activities such as evening socials you and your guests or family may want to attend. 
      • Find the registration option for which you qualify: 
        • NMRPA Member agencies qualify for some free registrations and discounted rates. The number of allowed free and discounted registrations are determined by your agencies membership level. All agency "bundle administrators" were emailed a registration code for their allotted number of free registrations. If you did not receive your registration code please contact Christa at (505) 599-1484 or to obtain it. NOTE: You need to be logged in to receive member pricing. For that you will have needed to complete your membership registration through our new website platform. Instructions were emailed on May 3, 2019 from NMRPA. If you need assistance completing your membership registration please contact Christa at (505) 599-1484 or
        • Texas Recreation & Parks Society (TRAPS) members have been extended NMRPA membership rates for this conference. Registration discount codes were mailed to TRAPS members. If you did not receive your TRAPS registration code please contact Doug at (575) 397-9293 or to obtain it. 
        • Those wishing to volunteer to help staff the event qualify for a discounted full conference rate. To be approved as a volunteer and obtain your registration discount code please contact Doug at (575) 397-9293 or
      • Please complete the registration form with your information and indicate the various add-ons you may like.
      • If you and other members of your agency would like to register online for the same registration type (i.e. Full Conference, Single Day, certification/educational track, etc.) you may all pay together by clicking the "Add Guest" button at the bottom left of the initial registration form. The number of addition registrants, or "guests", allowed is limited to your agency's membership level. Full registration forms will need to be completed for each additional registrant allowing everyone to customize their conference add-ons.
      • You may choose to be invoiced at the end of the online registration process. If you choose this option, your registration(s) will be pending until payment is received. 
      • If you and other members of your agency would like to manually register and all pay together, please ensure you complete a registration form for each conference attendee.

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